Slow cooked local pork spare ribs, local cider, organic raisins, heirloom tomatoes, roasted garlic, thyme, basil and Mirin. 

One of the joys of slow cooking is that you can use practically anything you have on hand, six to eight hours of cooking it all comes out amazing. I used Mirin wine (one of my favorites) and started with organic onions, carrots, shallots,three kinds of raisins, apples, cider, maple syrup, tomatoes ( heirloom from the farm-good to freeze things) thyme, roasted garlic, fresh garlic and just kept adding things over the hours. At the end I add red pepper flakes for heat ( the longer you cook the pepper the hotter it gets) so I put mine in about 5 minutes before it is done. 

Please note I use only organic ingredients, it matters.  Writing organic in front of everything is annoying.